Reiko started yoga in CA, USA, where she used to live.She took many classes there like Hatha,Vinyasa,Iyengar,Anusara, etc…Except Ashtaga Yoga.After she had come back to Japan, she took an Ashtanga yoga class. Her first experience of Full Primary Led class was with Sharath Jois,and she was fascinated by the fun of practice.Right after that she met Nancy Gilgoff, fell in love with her personality and Old School Ashtanga Yoga.


She has been visiting Maui,Hawaii every year to take Nancy’s class and learn Old School Ashtanga Yoga.From 2011, she’s been assisting Chuck Miller, teaching and traveling around the world.

At the same time, she met Dona Holleman, who is the teacher of senior yoga teachers, the ‘legend’ of Yoga world, Reiko’s been studying Iyengar style from her in Soiano del Lago, Italy.